K8S Newsletter - Issue 4

Hello Subscribers!

You are reading the fourth issue of the K8S Newsletter. First, few update/announcements about the newsletter,
  • The newsletter going forward be delivered on Saturday's, instead of Friday. This helps us add more content which seems to be created on friday evenings usually.
  • Starting next week, the newsletter will include job listings which require solid kubernetes understanding. So, if your company is hiring, do send the details including a link to the job posting and how to apply, to venkatesh@k8s.co.in


HashiCorp Improves Consul Service Mesh Integration with Kubernetes
Kubernetes 1.13 - What's New?
Google Integrates Istio Service Mesh into Kubernetes Service  
Envoy Joins Kubernetes, Prometheus With a CNCF Diploma  
Interest in Kubernetes, chip design coding, Go soars among tech job seekers and employers  

Technical Content

​Beyond Kubernetes: Istio network service mesh
Kubernetes State Backup to Git
How to leverage the power of Kubernetes to optimise your hosting costs
How we transitioned to Kubernetes
Announcing The Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime


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