The next version of Kubernetes will be launched soon in Dec 2018. As you know, the v1.13 alpha version was launched in Aug, 2018 and since then there has been some changes. The latest version available at the time of writing is v1.13 release candidate - 2. The v1.13 contains mostly minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Cluster Autoscaler Update

The cluster autoscaler has been upgraded to 1.13.0 which includes features like,

  • Add configurable delay for pod age before considering for scale-up via --new-pod-scale-up-delayparam.
  • Reads AWS Region from EC2 Metadata
  • Adds support for Alibaba Cloud Provider
  • Improvements for AWS Load Balancing.

Support for 3rd party device monitoring plugins

This enhancement aims to add container level metrics for devices provided by device plugins. It also aims to make it easy for hardware(device) vendors to facilitate metrics to the users.

Azure Availability Zones

The v1.13 aims to move the enhancement from alpha to beta stage.

Kubelet heartbeats to Lease API

This enhancement aims to move the more frequenet heart beats to lease API making it more lighter.

Drops support for etcd2

etcd2 document clean up.

Kubelet Device Plugin Registration

This enhancement standardizes the way for kubelet to discover local device plugins(GPU, CSI etc).

There are numerous other minor enhancements/ bug fixes for cloud integrations and hardware suppport. you can read the full enhancements list tagged under v1.13 here

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